Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Importance of weight training and Protein Supplements when training for any martial art, sport or fitness routine.

Over the years I have come across so many people who are connected with some form of fitness routine but due to improper guidance or no proper training pattern or even a wrong idea of diet and training has ended up causing regular injuries for themselves. 

This post is aimed for these people who are serious about their training and wish to get over their aches and injuries and move to a healthy training pattern.

I have always stressed and continue to do so that if you are going to be stuck in just one activity then you may fool yourself in to thinking that you are fit but in reality you are more imbalanced or unfit than those who do not do any exercise. Well lets see suppose you are a runner and you just keep running you may have toned legs with a good running pace but you are not fit as your upper body will be weak and if your diet and training is without weights then even your leg muscles will be weak.

At Jukaado training is very wholistic  for we do about anything and everything that can be done. Whatever is your area of training, sport or fitness activity a good weight training program to accompany it is a must. Well it is simple you need to build muscle for better performance. Over the last year or so I have come in touch with a lot of runners all over India because of my connection with Spartan Race India. Most of the runners have shin bone pains, knee pains, IT band pains, ankle pains, hamstring pains and injuries. So we will use the runner pattern itself for all examples however it is the same logic that needs to be applied to all other sports and fitness routines. Now when you are a runner you are constantly building up your mileage every day running varying kilometers. I may not be a professional runner but being in martial arts and training crazy for the last 28 years I have run a lot and have an understanding as to the cause of these injuries that most runners face. In my 28 years I have not suffered any form of severe aches and injuries due to the proper guidance and training pattern that my instructors taught me with. If you are a runner and run daily then you are constantly working your leg muscles. When your leg muscles are not able to bare the load of the increasing mileage the strain shifts to the bone and joints and hence the aches and injuries occur. A runner should ideally give 3 -4 days a week for weight training and core training. They need to strengthen their muscle structure to enable it to take the load of the mileage. It is a long forgotten myth that weight training is only for weight lifters or body builders. Yet it is funny to see people still shying away from weight training. A good weight training routine is very important for any fitness routine. Yes you could give more emphasis on some areas that you may require for your activity of choice for eg a runner could give more focus on weight training for their legs and core and a bit lesser emphasis on the upper torso. A balance is what has to be achieved. I have seen the calf muscles of many runners in Hyderabad they all have a potato like toned upper calf and supper thin lower calf / legs well that is a clear indication of inadequate training. Yes their calves look toned but are toned and shrunk instead of the muscle growing and getting toned. Some will argue that professional marathon runners from the continent of Africa are like that too. Well in their case it is genetics that makes them super lean and it is the same genetics which makes their muscles capable of long distance running and endurance activities. For all the others we need to grow our calf muscles and strengthen them. Observe the calf muscles of international footballers they are at times bigger than the biceps of most people. That is a healthy calf muscle. So do get around a good and well balanced weight training routine and trust me you will see the difference.

A great master once told me - The greater the disparity between the softness of a muscle when idle and the hardness of the same muscle when flexed is the best way to know how healthy the muscle is.

Diet is also an area most neglected by many. There are many who feel that a good balanced diet is sufficient even with intense training. Well they are wrong. When we train we not only expend the bigger nutrient groups of protein, carbohydrate etc but also expend numerous minerals and vitamins. Even if you are having a well balanced diet you may recover the protein, carbohydrate, fat etc required to meet your training needs  but may not get the amount of minerals that you have expended. Most minerals and certain vitamins are available only in traces in our natural well balanced diets. So if you are not training intense a well balanced diet will provide enough of all minerals and vitamins. However when you train intensely you will expend a lot of all these minerals and vitamins too. Which a healthy well balanced diet may not be able to replenish before the next workout. This will result in a deficit and over a period of time affects muscle recovery and other functions of the body. That is why it is important to depend on protein and other supplements as they have a mix of all the required minerals and vitamins required for a healthy training pattern. I do not say consume very powerful supplements especially if you are not training professionally but a decent supplementation is necessary. 

It is all about finding the balance between your workout, weight training and diet. It is not necessary what works for one person will work for you too. You need to find the perfect ratio of all the 3 such that your health and performance are both benefiting. 

If you are facing such stress pains and injuries and would like a personalized training plan or guidance for yourself you can get in touch with me.


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