Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life a meditative walk aimed at Healing and Growth.

Life a beautiful experience which gets mixed up and confused through all the wrong inputs and unnecessary believes and emotions we are lead to believe in. The rat race created by society has sort of made all of us into walking and breathing computers that are easily influenced by thoughts and suggestions from the people around us. Just like a computer functions on the software it has been uploaded with so do we it is high time we re -learn to reboot ourselves and set the software we need within us.

What is life? Is it about going around doing what is planned or expected from us by society or people around us? Is it about being a so called perfect part of society even though we have a fake smile and are actually dying inside everyday but supposedly put on a mask of being all well?

Well have spent most of my life immersed in Japanese martial arts which have brought about meditation, discipline and lots more in to my life. Have always been fascinated by life and how our thoughts, fears and stress can affect the course of our lives. This fascination has made me a learner always observing, understanding and trying to decode how life and people respond.

Life is a meditative walk aimed at healing and growth. Do not spend time praying or meditating when after you are done with it you are back to being the same person you were before you started. To change we do not need to sit in a quiet place and meditate or chant and pray what we need is to RE - A(na)LIZE  what we are doing or not doing and then change shall follow.

When we do not release all the negativity within we begin to become a warehouse of stress which manifests itself in the form of numerous ailments. From the time we are born we begin to fill our selves with thoughts, behavior conditioning, fears and so on. All these experiences affect the person we grow in to. It is not possible to change that but what is possible is to meditate on our lives and release, forgive and give love to all the people or situations that at some point have had an impact on us. It is not something that can be done overnight but yes it is something we can start NOW. The results will surely be visible and the change is what people around you shall notice and tell you about.

Try it out - Sit however you feel comfortable, switch of your cell phone or anything that could disturb you. Now just let your mind stroll back into your childhood as far as you can remember and move towards your now slowly. Initially you may remember very little or at times nothing at all but over a few days of doing this you will be amazed at all the incidents you remember. Start releasing, forgiving, sending love and good wishes to all those situations and people who we might have been angry or upset with at that point of time. As you start releasing all the blockages within shall open up and your ailments shall start vanishing too.
Once all your past blockages are released you have a clean slate and what you desire to write on it is what you shall receive.

Our life is this process of understanding our past, realigning our present to receive in the future.

Nothing is impossible the only thing that converts possible into impossible is FEAR. Release your fears and you can achieve anything. Try emanating with positivity all the time. Talk nicely with people you meet during your day. In your mind wish good for the person and you will see a notable change in their behavior with you. Just 2 days back I got in to an argument with an auto rickshaw driver who was drunk. At that moment I too got angry but while I was leaving I forgave him for his behavior and even wished good for him. Well today I was walking to the main road to catch an auto and to my surprise this same auto driver without me calling came and stopped near me and got down from his auto and apologized for that day. He agreed to take me where I wanted to go and was talking to me about him being very tensed with certain issues that day and he removing it on me.

This is the miraculous power of positivity and forgiveness. Yes at times life can really test our faith, believes and literally destroy any hope but all I can say is  -

There is always light at the end of a dark cave or tunnel what matters is are we looking towards the light or the darkness around us.

 So make every breath, every step we take in our daily lives our own meditation to heal and grow.

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