Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Women Toughies of Jukaado

The women at Jukaado seem to have taken an Oath to tire me out with their every ready to train attitude. Over the last few months all the women training at Jukaado have just decided to train and improve in all aspects of health and fitness. May it be training at the Dojo or my training outside the Dojo like swimming, cycling, jogging and so on they are always there. I have been noticing that from the 1st of January 2014 whenever we plan a training session outside the regular training at the Dojo there are more women than the men who turn up to train. It is so nice to see these women of all age groups training so well. Am sure now they are ready to defend themselves if they need to. They are really showing a spirit and will power that has earned my respect for their conviction. Recently one of our senior male students said - These women are in blasting mode now, they will beat up anyone now. I think I have to agree with him. When so many people consider our training insane and extreme these women make the training look so simple and are eagerly waiting for moving a couple of notches higher.

My Day - 
            Started my day with a good 1.5 hour swim with the women battalion of Jukaado. We had a few races and someone just kept cheating and making excuses every time she lost but it was all fun and we were just having a good workout topped with a healthy dose of fun. Then they took me to a diet breakfast point where I did not get the dollop of butter nor the melting cheese on the dosa. However it was very tasty and it is the companionship that makes the food tastier. Had to rush to my physio for an evaluation of my legs improvement. Was delighted to hear that am improving fine and can continue with my workout. Since I train a lot food is something that I can not do without. Went to the super market and got a lot of veggies and some chicken to make a salad. Nothing particular but something that was slowly formulating in to a recipe. Did an hour of workout with weights and went to train my personal training client. Summer has made its advent am feeling the heat nowadays. Did a bit of workout with the client too. Rode home with amazing music in the ears and luckily no traffic. Came home and took a nap of 2 hours and woke up and made a salad that is just mouth watering.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Should we swim against the flow to reach our goals???

Life is like a flowing river with ups and downs, curves and bends. We often hear the wise advising us to go with the flow. Well what is this flow? Should we just blindly follow the flow giving up on our goals, desires and even the instinct to survive ?

Goals are our aims or targets in life we wish to achieve. Some are smaller goals set for a month, week or day while others are long term goals say ten years down the line. Am not against having goals am just to realistic of the uncertainty of life where change is the only constant. So then what do we do ?

We make promises to people when we do not know for sure what will happen the very next minute. Yet when we make the promise the person promising and the person who receives the promise both believe they will fulfill it. So we do not know what will happen a few seconds later yet blindly shoot arrows hoping to hit the bulls eye hours, days, months or years later. 

Well then what should we do?

In life I firmly believe we need to find our calling. Something that we feel we would be eager to wake up to every morning. Something that no matter how many hours we spend on we could give it a few more hours. In today's rat race a child's future is sort of planned much before the child can spell the word PLANNED. Even if it is not planned we all need to earn our bread and butter and many times we end up with jobs we do not like but do it to make ends meet. Now we start hating the job, we start hating the situations that led us to this position. All this hate and fear brings a lot of negativity in to our life.This is where all the complications in our life begin. 

Life is worth living only if we have a passion that fuels the blood in our veins. Follow the passion with love and compassion but not with fanaticism. For with fanaticism we will be bound to get upset when things go sour. Just keep doing what your heart and mind enjoys and while doing so let the flow of life lead you to where you need to go. While following your passion you could have a normal 9 - 5 job even if you feel it saps the life out of your passion. It is a matter of creating your reality the way you envisage it. 

Life will punch you down but every time you get up the next punch feels softer than the one before. So get up but not with anger, hate or fear but with compassion in your heart and passion in your hands. We have the power within us to visualize the change we wish to see. Work with your heart even if you do not like the job you do. Well it is simple, you are stuck with it till you get something better so why grumble or detest it. Instead give it your best to the extent that there is not a chance to point a finger towards you. When you can do this though you do not like the job you will feel a sense of achievement and joy within which further energizes your passion in life.   

It is good to have goals as it helps get our priorities in order however when we get married to or fanatic about achieving the goals we tend to loose the actual point of why we wanted to achieve it. 

Have goals, have dreams, work towards them but do not get attached to them for we do not know what lies ahead and if we are attached we will swim against the current just to reach somewhere out of ego or pride, if we do reach there it will hold not much value to us any more.

It is okay to have dreams and never have them fulfilled or even have them shattered. Just accept the now and move towards the path you desire.

In life we can have dreams and if we keep believing in the dream being our reality and compound it with effort then it will surely become our reality . Where we go wrong is we do not just have dreams we get very precise about how, when, where etc should it become our reality.

When we go to a restaurant we see the menu and order what we desire to eat. Then we let the flow of life take its course and let the food reach our table. Do we get precise and ask that only a particular person should cook it and only a particular person should bring it to our table that too through a specific path? We do not. Similarly in life positively order your goal / dream and let life find the best way to get it to us.

No matter how fast flowing and rough the river of life is it has to calm down as it nears the ocean. So ride the rough like a roller coaster so that you can cherish the calm when it comes. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jukaado is a martial art but Jukaado is a family first!!!

                                                   The Pool where we swim.

I have spent 95% of my life till date in the martial arts world. Have always been fond of the way Samurai Clans / families stood by the members in the clan like an extended family. When I started on my own with Jukaado, this is what I was aiming to achieve. I feel I have done pretty well in achieving it. How many martial art organizations are there today where students and instructor interact and train even outside the Dojo? How many martial art organizations train in fitness routines beside martial arts? Well there will be only a handful who do this. Yes many martial artists individually beside training at the Dojo may go for a swim or do weight training or cycle and so on but as an organization not many.

At Jukaado am always reachable for my students on anything they wish to discuss from training related to personal issues. Though we are all from various religions, backgrounds, belief systems etc we are all together like an extended family.

Jukaado does not only teach you martial arts it helps you grow physically, mentally and spiritually as a human being. We go to swim , jog, cycle, run marathons, triathlons, dine and lots more together. We have two professional runners who train at class and I usually wish them before their marathon run. Just some time back one of them called me after returning from a well run marathon. She said something that really made me feel the family bond is mutual with my students too. She said - I was waiting for your wishes before the marathon and if you had not messaged me by evening I would have surely asked you by night. Hearing this from a student really made me feel happy. I have students who are 10 -15 years older than me but the respect that they give me and the faith they show in my teaching humbles me every time. I went through a pretty testing last few months after tearing my ligament and my students have stood by me, encouraging me and even boosting my morale. Few months back one of our senior most student in age and training saw me doing lunges before class and there were few other students around, now I know a few lunges is not a strain to the legs in anyway but seeing me do them he too started and stopped after few counts and said - this is killer, normal person also can not do but you are doing it so well, you have recovered. Though I knew it was not an impossible exercise his words did boost my morale to quite some extent.

Am really happy that am part of such a nice group of people who come together to train and grow together.
              This is Jukaado!!!!!

My day - 

Saturday we had swam for an hour then had a very good class on Saturday evening. Sunday morning is usually the day we go cycling and was pleasantly surprised to see so many students turn up by 5:30am on a Sunday morning after a tiring Saturday evening class. We cycled 2 rounds totaling about 17kms. Felt really nice to have increased the distance, am recovering very well with every passing day. The cycling was followed by a hearty breakfast with all of them.

As always came home and took a good nap to recover faster. Woke up feeling much better. Had some getorade to help recovery. Getorade replenishes all the salts we loose during workout and prevents muscles from getting cramps due to  being drained of these salts. It does help if you wish to train twice a day.

Evening had a nice cup of lemon grass tea and started a 2 hour workout session. I like my workout sessions as they are long and extensive but you do not feel the intensity as I do not hurry through them. Slow and steady I end up training quite a lot in a relaxed manner. I prefer this to a rushed workout. Sometimes having a lot of workout within a restricted time frame is good as it works on the cardio content too.

Curds is also a very good natural food that is very important to a person who trains. Working out a lot not only strains your muscles but adds pressure to your internal organs too. Curds is one of the many foods that help maintaining good health of the internal organs like the stomach tract, kidneys, liver etc.

Knowing good martial artists online means having so many interesting videos popping up on your facebook wall or your you tube account. One does need an hour daily to watch all of the videos or read the nice articles / posts they put up. So will end the day with watching some martial art videos online with a big bowl of curds. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rest, Detox, Recovery Day!!!!!

I think the most effort put in by me on the day of recovery was to make this picture. Finding different pictures resizing them and bringing them together in the circle of my day was fun. Recovery is a very important aspect for a person training in any form of fitness routine or sport or martial art. A body not well rested is only going to get injured. One has to decide their recovery time and nos of recovery days depending on their kind of workout, their fitness level, any existing injuries and so on. What may be a form of recovery for someone may actually be a complete workout for another. So there is no thumb rule one needs to seek guidance from a qualified instructor to get a proper recovery schedule.

My day -

Friday is my new recovery day so I slept till 7am. Though by default my body did wake up at 4am and I just went to sleep again. I believe in the term of active recovery where you change the routine workout with something less stressful and more relaxing say like yoga or a brisk walk to a super market that is a few kilometers away and walk back with groceries in your hands and so on. However since my knee is still in recovery mode I decided to take it very relaxed and just sleep and detox through the day. Had about 6 big mugs of green tea today and a lot of fruits and juices too. 

After my morning chores were done had a few fruits and slept again for a couple of hours. Today I had two personal training clients one during the day and one in the evening. To be honest I did train a bit with both of them. Was on my way back from my evening personal training client when I thought of catching up with one of my students who would be going in for a similar surgery as I did. It had been a few days since I heard from him or met him so just gave him a call and asked if he was free. This particular student has a very strong will power and was really showing so much improvement before the news of him needing surgery came to light. However I am not going to let him stop training. Once his surgery is done with and he is medically allowed to move around by Jukaado's official physio, I am going to make him train the way I did and slowly but surely get him back to training like before. I make a lot of sounds while training, they are more to do with Kiai or allowing Ki /Qi / Chi flow. Well this particular student does the same too out of instinct. Anyway since he was free we both went to have a nice shawarma with some Kokum juice. The strangest thing is I train everyday and the body feels fine, today I did not train but my back feels a bit strained while am typing this post. May be my body does not need recovery.

Sometimes when you are dedicated to teaching you end up not being able to meet social expectations even if you would like to go. Was invited by a friend for a dinner but since my training timings clashed with that I had to graciously express my inability to attend. However will make it a point to fix up another get together some other time. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

H.B.C. cycle stand needs to maintain their cycles.

The Hyderabad Bicycle Club had started a cycle stand at necklace road, where anyone could come and hire very good branded cycles for a very nominal rent. It was something that I have appreciated as it is not only a service but even an attempt to get more people moving towards cycling or getting fit. I have been using the facility provided right from its inception. It has sort of become a routine to visit HBC with few students and cycle early in the morning. Sadly over the last 5 - 6 months the maintenance of the cycles seems to have gone down hill. Mr. Srinivas ( the gentleman who issues the cycles), the mechanic and the watchmen at the HBC cycle stand are all doing a very good job, they are always polite, courteous and try to resolve all issues to their best ability.  One needs to check the bike thoroughly if not you could be walking back after cycling a few kilometers. Some of the common issues are - broken gear dials, brake pads all scrapped over, handle bar rubber grip keeps sliding off, stand keeps coming down while riding, the chain is stuck to certain gears and if you change the gear it starts making rickety noises and does not work well,  etc

In the beginning there were very few takers for the cycles and yet they were maintained very well and nowadays even on a weekday like Thursday when all the the MTB's and Hybrid cycles got rented they are not being maintained well. In my opinion if HBC does not look into it and make sure the cycles are well maintained there is a very good chance of all the people who are coming to HBC to stop doing so.

 A wise man once said -  It takes years to get a customer but a second to loose one.   

My Day - 

Woke up at 4am and remembered it was cycling day today. Was feeling sleepy and was searching for excuses to go back to bed. Just crawled out of bed and got a message from George who was inquiring  what the training plan for today morning was. He agreed to come cycling and was nice to have some human company cycling. The necklace road is a wonderful stretch of road to cycle and jog on within the city. All good things seems to come with its downside though. One has to cycle through kamikaze mosquitoes who are really very big in size. I have come to terms with getting 5 -6 mosquitoes in my mouth every time I train there. Nothing like live protein while training. George did about 15kms while I had to do turn back a bit early due to the gears of the cycle being stuck and ended up doing 13kms. It was nice though, can feel my leg and knee healing and recovering well.

After getting home sat with a nice big mug of lemon grass tea and biscuits. Filled water in the bird bath and scattered some grain for them to chow down. Today I slept like a baby and woke up after almost 3 hours. Grabbed a bite and did a bit of workout. Cooking is something I enjoy doing it is my way of expressing my creativity and mood with various spices, vegetables, meats, herbs and so on.

Left home early so I could get an hour to flip tyres and do some rock pressing. Today the ground we train in was wet and slushy so shifted the class to the stage we usually use for ground work. The change in venue gave me an idea of  a workout for today. Tied few belts together and tied there ends to two poles across the stage. Made the students do a lot of weave and punch combinations along with lots of squats, push ups and various ab exercise combinations. Time seems to fly away really fast. Here I am typing this post at the end of the day and when I look back it seems like just a few hours back and not over 12 hours which it is.

Life is a clock which keeps ticking there is no way to go back and no way to rush ahead all we can do is utilize every tick of the clock well. 

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock.......................................   

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A day in the life of a Jukaadoka!!!!

I have got a few requests by some marital artists from various countries as well as some people who are interested in martial arts to put up a daily post on the day that goes by involving my training, views on life, my experiences, fitness tips and so on. Have avoided such requests for quite some time now. However today I just felt the urge to put it up, lets see how it is received by those who read it. In no way do I consider myself as a person to follow in fact I do not like to do that myself. Being a founder of a relatively new Martial Art comes with certain responsibilities and concerns. In today's scenario even great masters and legends of traditional martial arts which are handed down from master to student  are faced by critics. This lead me to work harder on polishing Jukaado not fearing criticism but to ensure that I teach something that is practically useful, injury free and helps growth of body, mind and soul. I am very blessed to have had wonderful teachers in my journey of martial arts and life and even more blessed to have come across wonderful martial artists from various countries through our you tube channel and our website. It is the appreciation from such knowledgeable martial artists that has made me relax and just go out and train the way I do.

My day -

Woke up at 4am with the song - Eye of the Tiger ( my alarm ) got dressed and headed to the park to train. I have come to enjoy my morning training sessions which I started about 6 years back with three students Swamibabu, Thrishla & Abhishek. It was a decision that I took to keep the morning for myself and give up on early morning personal training clients who pay pretty well. 6  years down the line Swamibabu is still training with me every morning. Did a 45 minute walk / jog followed by some kick variations, push ups, squats, banging iron poles and punching the makiwara. Total workout time was 1:45 minutes. It is always nice to train with Swamibabu he has improved so much over the years and is always ready to take the training a notch higher not to forget the humor that he brings with him, making training really enjoyable. Reached home hungryyyyyyyyyyyy after the workout. Made some lemon grass tea and a nice bowl of oats with milk, honey, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. I like to nap after a good workout. In my personal experience and opinion a good nap after a workout accelerates recovery. Usually I have to teach at a school on Wednesday's however being a holiday for Sankranti had the day to myself. Woke up after a 2 hour nap and slowly set the weights, floor mat etc for another session of workout. When training alone working out with a movie playing helps keep the flow and the mind of the time taken for the workout. Did a good workout of about 2 hours consisting of weights for upper body, weights for the legs, lots of ab workout, some techniques and  kata Sanchin. I seemed to have lost track of time but the rats in stomach forced me to stop, took a shower and had a nutritious lunch. Had a personal training client at 4pm but had a pleasant chance to meet a friend before that so left early. A good conversation can help us individually as a person as well as improve the bond or friendship. However the conversation gets even better if it is done over a mouth watering grilled chicken salad, awesome coffee and a sinful desert. Was time well spent. I enjoy training may be over the years it has become something that my body involuntarily does just like breathing. It is now imprinted in to my mind, my body, my DNA and my soul. Had a great 1 hour of personal training with my personal training client. Training gets more enjoyable when the person you are training shows enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Nothing can be more relaxing than  riding a cruise bike with good music in your ears and no traffic jams. In my opinion cruise bikes are the only bikes which give you the thrill of riding even if you are just at 40 km / per hour. 

On my way back for no reason known to me the thought of people requesting me to write a daily post on my day came to me. I have always followed my instinct or my inner voice and this is why am here typing this post with a nice cup of Sencha (Japanese green tea). Will do another 1.5 hour workout and have already ordered some yummy Chinese food from Nanking so am set for the evening. 

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to learn & grow, another chance to work at being human, another chance to better myself. Until then Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............