Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A day in the life of a Jukaadoka!!!!

I have got a few requests by some marital artists from various countries as well as some people who are interested in martial arts to put up a daily post on the day that goes by involving my training, views on life, my experiences, fitness tips and so on. Have avoided such requests for quite some time now. However today I just felt the urge to put it up, lets see how it is received by those who read it. In no way do I consider myself as a person to follow in fact I do not like to do that myself. Being a founder of a relatively new Martial Art comes with certain responsibilities and concerns. In today's scenario even great masters and legends of traditional martial arts which are handed down from master to student  are faced by critics. This lead me to work harder on polishing Jukaado not fearing criticism but to ensure that I teach something that is practically useful, injury free and helps growth of body, mind and soul. I am very blessed to have had wonderful teachers in my journey of martial arts and life and even more blessed to have come across wonderful martial artists from various countries through our you tube channel and our website. It is the appreciation from such knowledgeable martial artists that has made me relax and just go out and train the way I do.

My day -

Woke up at 4am with the song - Eye of the Tiger ( my alarm ) got dressed and headed to the park to train. I have come to enjoy my morning training sessions which I started about 6 years back with three students Swamibabu, Thrishla & Abhishek. It was a decision that I took to keep the morning for myself and give up on early morning personal training clients who pay pretty well. 6  years down the line Swamibabu is still training with me every morning. Did a 45 minute walk / jog followed by some kick variations, push ups, squats, banging iron poles and punching the makiwara. Total workout time was 1:45 minutes. It is always nice to train with Swamibabu he has improved so much over the years and is always ready to take the training a notch higher not to forget the humor that he brings with him, making training really enjoyable. Reached home hungryyyyyyyyyyyy after the workout. Made some lemon grass tea and a nice bowl of oats with milk, honey, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. I like to nap after a good workout. In my personal experience and opinion a good nap after a workout accelerates recovery. Usually I have to teach at a school on Wednesday's however being a holiday for Sankranti had the day to myself. Woke up after a 2 hour nap and slowly set the weights, floor mat etc for another session of workout. When training alone working out with a movie playing helps keep the flow and the mind of the time taken for the workout. Did a good workout of about 2 hours consisting of weights for upper body, weights for the legs, lots of ab workout, some techniques and  kata Sanchin. I seemed to have lost track of time but the rats in stomach forced me to stop, took a shower and had a nutritious lunch. Had a personal training client at 4pm but had a pleasant chance to meet a friend before that so left early. A good conversation can help us individually as a person as well as improve the bond or friendship. However the conversation gets even better if it is done over a mouth watering grilled chicken salad, awesome coffee and a sinful desert. Was time well spent. I enjoy training may be over the years it has become something that my body involuntarily does just like breathing. It is now imprinted in to my mind, my body, my DNA and my soul. Had a great 1 hour of personal training with my personal training client. Training gets more enjoyable when the person you are training shows enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Nothing can be more relaxing than  riding a cruise bike with good music in your ears and no traffic jams. In my opinion cruise bikes are the only bikes which give you the thrill of riding even if you are just at 40 km / per hour. 

On my way back for no reason known to me the thought of people requesting me to write a daily post on my day came to me. I have always followed my instinct or my inner voice and this is why am here typing this post with a nice cup of Sencha (Japanese green tea). Will do another 1.5 hour workout and have already ordered some yummy Chinese food from Nanking so am set for the evening. 

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to learn & grow, another chance to work at being human, another chance to better myself. Until then Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

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