Thursday, January 16, 2014

H.B.C. cycle stand needs to maintain their cycles.

The Hyderabad Bicycle Club had started a cycle stand at necklace road, where anyone could come and hire very good branded cycles for a very nominal rent. It was something that I have appreciated as it is not only a service but even an attempt to get more people moving towards cycling or getting fit. I have been using the facility provided right from its inception. It has sort of become a routine to visit HBC with few students and cycle early in the morning. Sadly over the last 5 - 6 months the maintenance of the cycles seems to have gone down hill. Mr. Srinivas ( the gentleman who issues the cycles), the mechanic and the watchmen at the HBC cycle stand are all doing a very good job, they are always polite, courteous and try to resolve all issues to their best ability.  One needs to check the bike thoroughly if not you could be walking back after cycling a few kilometers. Some of the common issues are - broken gear dials, brake pads all scrapped over, handle bar rubber grip keeps sliding off, stand keeps coming down while riding, the chain is stuck to certain gears and if you change the gear it starts making rickety noises and does not work well,  etc

In the beginning there were very few takers for the cycles and yet they were maintained very well and nowadays even on a weekday like Thursday when all the the MTB's and Hybrid cycles got rented they are not being maintained well. In my opinion if HBC does not look into it and make sure the cycles are well maintained there is a very good chance of all the people who are coming to HBC to stop doing so.

 A wise man once said -  It takes years to get a customer but a second to loose one.   

My Day - 

Woke up at 4am and remembered it was cycling day today. Was feeling sleepy and was searching for excuses to go back to bed. Just crawled out of bed and got a message from George who was inquiring  what the training plan for today morning was. He agreed to come cycling and was nice to have some human company cycling. The necklace road is a wonderful stretch of road to cycle and jog on within the city. All good things seems to come with its downside though. One has to cycle through kamikaze mosquitoes who are really very big in size. I have come to terms with getting 5 -6 mosquitoes in my mouth every time I train there. Nothing like live protein while training. George did about 15kms while I had to do turn back a bit early due to the gears of the cycle being stuck and ended up doing 13kms. It was nice though, can feel my leg and knee healing and recovering well.

After getting home sat with a nice big mug of lemon grass tea and biscuits. Filled water in the bird bath and scattered some grain for them to chow down. Today I slept like a baby and woke up after almost 3 hours. Grabbed a bite and did a bit of workout. Cooking is something I enjoy doing it is my way of expressing my creativity and mood with various spices, vegetables, meats, herbs and so on.

Left home early so I could get an hour to flip tyres and do some rock pressing. Today the ground we train in was wet and slushy so shifted the class to the stage we usually use for ground work. The change in venue gave me an idea of  a workout for today. Tied few belts together and tied there ends to two poles across the stage. Made the students do a lot of weave and punch combinations along with lots of squats, push ups and various ab exercise combinations. Time seems to fly away really fast. Here I am typing this post at the end of the day and when I look back it seems like just a few hours back and not over 12 hours which it is.

Life is a clock which keeps ticking there is no way to go back and no way to rush ahead all we can do is utilize every tick of the clock well. 

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock.......................................   

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