Friday, January 17, 2014

Rest, Detox, Recovery Day!!!!!

I think the most effort put in by me on the day of recovery was to make this picture. Finding different pictures resizing them and bringing them together in the circle of my day was fun. Recovery is a very important aspect for a person training in any form of fitness routine or sport or martial art. A body not well rested is only going to get injured. One has to decide their recovery time and nos of recovery days depending on their kind of workout, their fitness level, any existing injuries and so on. What may be a form of recovery for someone may actually be a complete workout for another. So there is no thumb rule one needs to seek guidance from a qualified instructor to get a proper recovery schedule.

My day -

Friday is my new recovery day so I slept till 7am. Though by default my body did wake up at 4am and I just went to sleep again. I believe in the term of active recovery where you change the routine workout with something less stressful and more relaxing say like yoga or a brisk walk to a super market that is a few kilometers away and walk back with groceries in your hands and so on. However since my knee is still in recovery mode I decided to take it very relaxed and just sleep and detox through the day. Had about 6 big mugs of green tea today and a lot of fruits and juices too. 

After my morning chores were done had a few fruits and slept again for a couple of hours. Today I had two personal training clients one during the day and one in the evening. To be honest I did train a bit with both of them. Was on my way back from my evening personal training client when I thought of catching up with one of my students who would be going in for a similar surgery as I did. It had been a few days since I heard from him or met him so just gave him a call and asked if he was free. This particular student has a very strong will power and was really showing so much improvement before the news of him needing surgery came to light. However I am not going to let him stop training. Once his surgery is done with and he is medically allowed to move around by Jukaado's official physio, I am going to make him train the way I did and slowly but surely get him back to training like before. I make a lot of sounds while training, they are more to do with Kiai or allowing Ki /Qi / Chi flow. Well this particular student does the same too out of instinct. Anyway since he was free we both went to have a nice shawarma with some Kokum juice. The strangest thing is I train everyday and the body feels fine, today I did not train but my back feels a bit strained while am typing this post. May be my body does not need recovery.

Sometimes when you are dedicated to teaching you end up not being able to meet social expectations even if you would like to go. Was invited by a friend for a dinner but since my training timings clashed with that I had to graciously express my inability to attend. However will make it a point to fix up another get together some other time. 


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