Monday, January 20, 2014

Should we swim against the flow to reach our goals???

Life is like a flowing river with ups and downs, curves and bends. We often hear the wise advising us to go with the flow. Well what is this flow? Should we just blindly follow the flow giving up on our goals, desires and even the instinct to survive ?

Goals are our aims or targets in life we wish to achieve. Some are smaller goals set for a month, week or day while others are long term goals say ten years down the line. Am not against having goals am just to realistic of the uncertainty of life where change is the only constant. So then what do we do ?

We make promises to people when we do not know for sure what will happen the very next minute. Yet when we make the promise the person promising and the person who receives the promise both believe they will fulfill it. So we do not know what will happen a few seconds later yet blindly shoot arrows hoping to hit the bulls eye hours, days, months or years later. 

Well then what should we do?

In life I firmly believe we need to find our calling. Something that we feel we would be eager to wake up to every morning. Something that no matter how many hours we spend on we could give it a few more hours. In today's rat race a child's future is sort of planned much before the child can spell the word PLANNED. Even if it is not planned we all need to earn our bread and butter and many times we end up with jobs we do not like but do it to make ends meet. Now we start hating the job, we start hating the situations that led us to this position. All this hate and fear brings a lot of negativity in to our life.This is where all the complications in our life begin. 

Life is worth living only if we have a passion that fuels the blood in our veins. Follow the passion with love and compassion but not with fanaticism. For with fanaticism we will be bound to get upset when things go sour. Just keep doing what your heart and mind enjoys and while doing so let the flow of life lead you to where you need to go. While following your passion you could have a normal 9 - 5 job even if you feel it saps the life out of your passion. It is a matter of creating your reality the way you envisage it. 

Life will punch you down but every time you get up the next punch feels softer than the one before. So get up but not with anger, hate or fear but with compassion in your heart and passion in your hands. We have the power within us to visualize the change we wish to see. Work with your heart even if you do not like the job you do. Well it is simple, you are stuck with it till you get something better so why grumble or detest it. Instead give it your best to the extent that there is not a chance to point a finger towards you. When you can do this though you do not like the job you will feel a sense of achievement and joy within which further energizes your passion in life.   

It is good to have goals as it helps get our priorities in order however when we get married to or fanatic about achieving the goals we tend to loose the actual point of why we wanted to achieve it. 

Have goals, have dreams, work towards them but do not get attached to them for we do not know what lies ahead and if we are attached we will swim against the current just to reach somewhere out of ego or pride, if we do reach there it will hold not much value to us any more.

It is okay to have dreams and never have them fulfilled or even have them shattered. Just accept the now and move towards the path you desire.

In life we can have dreams and if we keep believing in the dream being our reality and compound it with effort then it will surely become our reality . Where we go wrong is we do not just have dreams we get very precise about how, when, where etc should it become our reality.

When we go to a restaurant we see the menu and order what we desire to eat. Then we let the flow of life take its course and let the food reach our table. Do we get precise and ask that only a particular person should cook it and only a particular person should bring it to our table that too through a specific path? We do not. Similarly in life positively order your goal / dream and let life find the best way to get it to us.

No matter how fast flowing and rough the river of life is it has to calm down as it nears the ocean. So ride the rough like a roller coaster so that you can cherish the calm when it comes. 

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