Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Women Toughies of Jukaado

The women at Jukaado seem to have taken an Oath to tire me out with their every ready to train attitude. Over the last few months all the women training at Jukaado have just decided to train and improve in all aspects of health and fitness. May it be training at the Dojo or my training outside the Dojo like swimming, cycling, jogging and so on they are always there. I have been noticing that from the 1st of January 2014 whenever we plan a training session outside the regular training at the Dojo there are more women than the men who turn up to train. It is so nice to see these women of all age groups training so well. Am sure now they are ready to defend themselves if they need to. They are really showing a spirit and will power that has earned my respect for their conviction. Recently one of our senior male students said - These women are in blasting mode now, they will beat up anyone now. I think I have to agree with him. When so many people consider our training insane and extreme these women make the training look so simple and are eagerly waiting for moving a couple of notches higher.

My Day - 
            Started my day with a good 1.5 hour swim with the women battalion of Jukaado. We had a few races and someone just kept cheating and making excuses every time she lost but it was all fun and we were just having a good workout topped with a healthy dose of fun. Then they took me to a diet breakfast point where I did not get the dollop of butter nor the melting cheese on the dosa. However it was very tasty and it is the companionship that makes the food tastier. Had to rush to my physio for an evaluation of my legs improvement. Was delighted to hear that am improving fine and can continue with my workout. Since I train a lot food is something that I can not do without. Went to the super market and got a lot of veggies and some chicken to make a salad. Nothing particular but something that was slowly formulating in to a recipe. Did an hour of workout with weights and went to train my personal training client. Summer has made its advent am feeling the heat nowadays. Did a bit of workout with the client too. Rode home with amazing music in the ears and luckily no traffic. Came home and took a nap of 2 hours and woke up and made a salad that is just mouth watering.



  1. I did not loose any race, its just that i couldnt see the finishing line without my glasses !!!

    1. Did I mention anywhere that you were cheating or lost the race? Now if you have worn the cap on your own what can I say.