Friday, March 21, 2014

Life is like a piece of paper.

Many a great Zen masters have considered simple tasks like Origami, maintaining Bonsai plants, Calligraphy etc as meditative practices. It is for this belief that even Samurai's practiced these arts to control their minds. Origami is the Japanese art of making objects with paper. When you keep repeating a particular shape by folding the paper again and again,  you do achieve stillness of the mind. A still mind brings with it peace and tranquility. You can introspect in to life or even ponder on something that is troubling you. A solution will surely follow. However one must not try to force the solution instead let the meditation bring out a solution for you. The Japanese believe that if one makes a 1000 paper cranes ( Tsuru ) then their wish gets fulfilled. 

In life whenever we strive to get an outcome we usually get the opposite. What we should do is - Give our best shot and let the universe decide the outcome. 

                        Get up, get some papers and meditate while you make cranes!!!!

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