Thursday, March 13, 2014

Realistic approach to Veganism.

There is a lot of skepticism that you may face when you mention that - I am a Vegan. Well lets take a realistic view of what is Veganism. In my opinion a Vegan is a person who wishes to eat and live healthier and hence moves on to a Vegan diet. Just changing to a healthy diet is half the battle the other half lies in changing your lifestyle and becoming active and physically fit through exercise. Irrespective of being Vegan or not most people are against animal cruelty however if you are brought up with everyone drinking milk or eating meat and even schools promoting milk consumption then it is difficult to move away from that. 

We like to help, educate and support people in moving to a healthier diet like the Vegan diet. Yes it is difficult at times to leave everything and become Vegan suddenly. We do not wish you to do that if you are finding it difficult but will guide you through our group on Facebook to go Vegan smoothly - 

There are reasons for why being Vegan is considered to be a healthier diet. Let us see some of the products that are not consumed by Vegans and scientifically understand how they are harmful to our health. In general Vegans do not eat any animal based products and by products. Lets start with the main product that most people find difficult to leave. Milk and milk products like butter, cheese, yogurts etc form a very important part of the diet for most people. 85% of the protein in milk comes from Casein. Casein has been scientifically proved to be one of the biggest promoters of Cancer. In other words Casein is a big carcinogen. In general all our bodies have some cancer cells which get neutralized by our body. However consuming substances which are carcinogens helps promote these cancerous cells and then we succumb to cancer. So avoiding milk and milk products is surely in the best interest of our health. Moving to meat - Meat from various animals and fish are a good source of protein and also other components like creatine, omega oils etc. However meat protein is difficult for our bodies to digest and moreover our bodies are not able to absorb all the nutrients from meat. Nowadays to meet the growing demand for meat most meat sources are fed or injected with growth steroids, often over dosing the animals. This makes it very hazardous for us to consume them. Where as protein from plant is easily absorbed by our body and though we do use pesticides and fertilizers on crops it is any day less hazardous than filling our body with meat fed on growth steroids.  Honey is the other animal product Vegans avoid - In today's day and age Honey is procured from bee farms and most honey manufacturers use other chemicals which they mix with the natural honey to increase its quantity etc. So we end up eating a processed and synthetic form of a natural product called honey. Honey in general is good for health but in the good old days honey hunters would only cut off 30% of a natural bee hive there by not destroying the bee colony and they would sell the pure honey as it is. So I did rather stop honey than eating chemicals and fool myself that it is honey. 

If you have any doubts about the above do look it up and if you would like to understand in detail you could read the book - The China Study. 

Recently I had joined a group to be with fellow vegans but sadly they seem to be very fanatic in their approach and arrogant. I voluntarily left the group yesterday in protest after they kept deleting any comment or views that I shared and by no means were my views anti vegan. If you do not agree with someone you should express your view or debate on it peacefully and logically and not cowardly delete their comment. The group on facebook - Hyderabad Vegans is very one sided and stuck up to their stand. I am against animal cruelty of any form however if someone mentions he / she is having difficulty going vegan you do not tell them that - If its difficult for you just imagine how much the animal suffers.... and then send them videos of animal cruelty. You need to support the person provide realistic solutions to their problems or issues they are facing to move to the Vegan diet.  We can not stop animal slaughter by crying out loud Cruelty Cruelty or by trying to stop the government by opening new modernized slaughter houses. Those who want to eat meat will get it from anywhere and shutting slaughter houses will lead to butchers killing animals on their own in possibly very unhygienic and unmonitored conditions. The right approach is to spread knowledge of the health benefits of a Vegan diet by doing so we could even win over a butcher but by just crying out Cruelty Cruelty the butcher wont even pay heed to what we say. 

I have moved from a meat eater to a Vegan and though I train about 4 -6 hours daily am feeling more energetic and stronger than before. So am sure with proper guidance anyone can.

 We welcome all to join us or seek our help in going Vegan for a healthier and fitter self.

                                                                        Lets be realistic and not fanatic!!!!!!!!!!

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