Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The inspiring person is actually the inspired!!!!

Today I received a message from a student who use to train with me over two years back. He showed lots of potential when he had joined. Alas ! the IT / Corporate work culture and timings literally sucked the life of this very young and adventurous student of Jukaado - Anil Singari.

 It is always nice to hear from students even if they have discontinued training. I am blessed, for many students who I have taught even ten years back still do keep in touch with me and we share our views on various topics. It is like an unseen bond that exists between us. 

Anil Singari was telling me how according to him I am an inspiration to him. He appreciates that I always follow my heart in whatever I do.  He was also happy that I have moved to Thailand.

Well am happy that some people consider me to be an inspiration, however honestly am the one who is constantly inspired by all that I see around me.

I have been inspired by Thailand from the very first time I came to Thailand in 2011 as a tourist and made a few Thai friends. The Thai culture, the people, the perennial greenery and natural beauty had me sold.

I have been contemplating to move to Thailand and be part of the country that inspired me in many ways since 2011 when I first came here. Well in 2014 I have made it here and am really happy being part of the Thailand Teach family in Bang Rachan, Singburi. 

I have always believed in giving back to society in whatever way I can. Well I seem to be in  the perfect place to do so. Have to settle down and find ways to make the difference here while balancing the job that buys my bread and butter. 

Have so many things on my list of things to do in Amazing Thailand. From forest treks to wild life safari's, from training with Muay Thai Legend Buakaw to setting up a base for Jukaado in Thailand, from rock climbing to motor biking around the country on a good cruise bike. I would also like to find a Buddhist monastery far away from any big city or town where I could spend a few days just meditating and breathing in positivity with every whiff of air. Oh the list can just go on and on. 

Life is awesome only if we wish to see it that way!!!!!!!!!

There will always be things to inspire us, what matters is are we looking for inspiration or are we busy looking for flaws.


  1. Congrats Farzaan! And good luck .. May your dreams come true in Amazing Thailand!!