Monday, December 22, 2014

From stone to water !!!!!!

I started my journey in martial arts way back in 1985. Yes a long, long, long way back. 

When I  joined all I wanted was to be able to fight like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I just wanted to become tough like a rock and break everything that comes my way.

Years passed, I started understanding martial arts and its purpose.  The training use to be so hard that every training session would bring out new aches and pains. There were a few years when I think my aim was no longer to get tough like a rock but to just get through a training session at a time. Those were the best training years. Every class I would train like there was no tomorrow. Pushing myself beyond  my threshold.  Listening and doing what ever I was asked to by my Sensei. Most importantly I learned to be punctual and my life started to get disciplined. Personality traits like Honesty, Courage, Rectitude, Loyalty, Benevolence, Honour, Respect, Compassion etc started to get imbibed in me.

Few more years down the line I was no longer interested to train to be a rock.  Though my body had transformed in to a rock, it was no longer my aim or my reason to train. I was slowly but surely transforming in to a very adaptive person. I could train for hours without food, water or sleep. I could sleep just as comfortable over a rocky surface as I could on a soft mattress. I could manage in harsh weather conditions. My pain threshold had grown far beyond what I could imagine. I had become some one who will give his all unconditionally to those I call my own or even those who I just meet but are in genuine need of some help.

Though I wanted to become a rock when I had joined and had become one too but my body, mind and spirit had undergone a transformation far beyond being a rock. 

I had become like water!!!!

I can adapt to any situation that I am thrown in to by life.  Like water I am soft, gentle and free flowing but like water I could also change the course of a river and when required I could burst out with enough force to protect some one or defend myself.

It is just so amazing what a  few decades of martial art training  can do to a person.

Have not only seen the change in myself but also in the students.

If this is the change that training in authentic and traditional martial arts bring, then in my opinion this is all that is needed to have a more understanding, tolerant, giving and peace loving society.

A rock has become water !!!!!!!!!!!

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