Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When the INSIDE realigns with the OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I have often heard of people talking of connecting within or of advising others to look within to resolve the uneasy and restlessness that at times ruins everything around us.

I have pondered on this concept of  "Connect Within" and have even given it a try.  I do not agree with it. 

I have always liked to question the world around me and not accept anything because someone says so but only if I find there to be a logical explanation to it. Well by logical I mean what my not so normal, crazy self can relate too. I  feel it is my training in traditional martial arts (under wonderful teachers ), the discipline, the quest to train not only my body but also my mind and spirit, that has pushed me towards spirituality much before I could even spell the word. I started training at 4 years of age and I just connected with the training like it was the calling of my soul. As I grew in age I always pondered about life and all that there is to it. It lead me to read a lot about different beliefs, thoughts, and even the religious texts or books of quite a few religions. I may not be an expert in any religious text but from what ever I could understand over the years of reading and pondering is - Deep down all religions preach and aim for the same level of understanding from the people that follow it. I like the positive energy at religious places that preach compassion for all, love and joy. Recently I have been lucky to be invited to be part of such a place. Have been there twice and both the times I have felt the positive energy and have really enjoyed myself there.

People talk of connecting within like they have to switch on the laptop and connect to the internet. I do not think it works that way. The truth about meditation is 60 -70% people have a placebo effect of experiencing a connection within but actually it is just a figment of their imagination which they believe and reinforce as their truth. 

When we use the words "Connect Within" itself we are giving more importance or authority to the outside. There is only one being that exists. It is a union of our body, mind, heart and soul. It can not be separated. They all work in unison. We walk, we talk and so on because our mind and body together decide to do so. We can not separate them. So if they are one why do you need to connect? There is nothing to connect within or outside. 

According to me in our journey of life,  through the ups and downs, we go through change. Our situations and experiences change us. However the change is caused to our body, mind, heart and soul in different ways. A situation may toughen us up externally but make us more compassionate within and so on. This is where our body, mind, heart and soul start to drift in different directions. When the drift between them keeps increasing we start to feel emotions like Fear. Fear can make our smooth sailing ship of life sink without even a warning.

Fear is an addiction more difficult to get rid off than any vice known to man. While it is an addiction that is difficult to get rid off, it is also very easy to get rid off . Now that is a contradiction - I say it is difficult to get rid of and then I say it also very easy???????????? 

Well let me explain. Fear is the result of our body, mind, heart and soul being at different levels or at different places. The only way to get rid of fear is to realign the body, mind, heart and soul. Most of us are constantly trying to connect within so we are focusing on only the soul and leaving the rest. I am sure we all know people who supposedly meditate regularly but these same people are also known for their temper and in-compassionate behaviour. So why does this happen? Isn't connecting within a solution for everything? 

Why do some people who are very spiritual look young even though they are way older than they look? Why do some people make everyone around them feel warm within?

Well it is simple - If we can work at realigning ourselves as one, then we can get rid off - Fear. It is not something you can snap out in a jiffy. It is something we need to consciously work on with our eyes open while experiencing the world around us. Anyone can be quiet when everyone is quiet, try being quiet when everyone is talking to you. I have actually done this. I have gone about with my normal life but have not spoken to anyone for a whole month. I urge everyone to try it sometime. Try it for just a day. It will be fun am sure.

With our every breath, with our every step let us work at relating to whatever we do from our body, mind, heart and soul. The results of what ever that is done with the unison of the body, mind, heart and soul is bound to be positive. We use the phrase " give it your best" or "Give it all you have" but very seldom do we actually commit to anything as one (body + mind + heart + soul ).

We talk of giving gratitude for all that is in our lives but we should do so not only by our words but also by our actions. 

There is a deeper meaning to the very simple looking sentence above. I will not spell it out. I will let you all ponder on it and if you still do not get it do write to me.

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