Thursday, May 28, 2015

3 Month Training Guidance Program

In today's day and age most of us are living life like a rat race. We wake up get ready for work, come back tired, attend to things at home, prepare for the next day and by the time we complete all this we usually end up too tired to train or look after our health. We keep promising and procrastinating about starting our training program the next day but  - Tomorrow never comes. Then weeks pass by and some of us think lets dive in to those quick fix diets and once we loose a bit we will start training regularly. Often these diets are a big mix of hearsay and desire to try anything and everything we read or hear about. These diets harm the body further and this viscous cycle continues for years to come.

We are going to give you a chance to train as a group but without the need to go to a gym. Our 3 month program is unique because it is a mix of personal training with the advantage of having a group to motivate you to train regularly and improve.

We will be opening a group on Whatsapp. We will only accept a maximum of 15 people in the group. So if you are interested do sign up at the earliest.  The program will commence as per the dates available. We have 4 such programs planned every year. If you are interested do send an email to us, so that we can inform you of the start date of  next course.

How will the program work? 

Everyday we will post a workout routine for you to follow or train in the next day. So if the program starts on a Monday, then on Sunday evening a workout will be given in the group  for the next day. All the participants have to submit their daily diet to us as per the format that we will share with you. By the end of the day we expect to have a detailed report on the workout that you have done too as per the format we share with you. We will monitor and guide all on the basis of their inputs / report. 
It is not compulsory but we encourage that the participants take short videos of not more than 25 seconds of them performing any exercise. Especially those that you are not aware of or confident of , so that we can check and correct the form. There are a few other details which we will share with those who sign up.

It is actually a lot more effort than a personal trainer would take in person as I would need to go through your workout report and get back to you and check where you are going wrong, as well as snip or alter your diet if it is needed. 

What we expect in return?

We need you to commit an hour to this program 5 days a week.  We give more than 60 - 70 hours a week to our work, family members etc, am sure we all can spare 5 hours a week for our own health. Nobody has the time, as time is always ticking, we need to make the time for what we consider a priority in our lives. 
We will very strictly follow this rule of committing an hour everyday as well as reporting the diet and workout by the time we fix for the participants. We will only permit a maximum of 5-8 skipped workout or reporting through the 3 months, anyone making it a regular practice of not working out and reporting their diet and workout will be warned and removed from the program if the warning is not taken seriously. However we will consider if you have informed us before of your inability to train on a specific day due to certain commitments or if you are not keeping well.

Besides your commitment we also expect a fee for our services. The full fee needs to be paid in full before we begin the program. 

To sign up or ask any queries please do write to us at our email id  -

Disclaimer -  

We do not guarantee a 6 pack or 10 kgs or so of weight loss. Both of them could be the result you get or may not get. It depends on your commitment and also on many other factors like - your previous level of activity, weight, fitness level, medical conditions, body type and so on. 

This is not a trainer certification course or a quick fix solution. It is a program to guide you to train and eat properly. You have to make this your lifestyle and not just a phase in your life.

We do not take any responsibility of injury or loss to others if you share the workout with others or yourself go about providing training based on our workout. We also reserve the right to take legal action if our workout plans are being used by you to train others or is shared with others.

There is a chance that during training you may get injured if a workout is not done properly. This is something that could happen even if you train at a gym or in any fitness / sport / adventure activity. We are not responsible for any such injuries. However we will do our best to closely monitor the progress and strain if any of all the participants. This will help us to decide if you need to rest for a day or two to let the body recover and heal or any other suitable recourse depending upon the situation. This will help in preventing injuries. 

We require all to disclose any ailments or medical conditions that they have. If we are not aware of your medical condition then we can not judge the suitable exercises or workout level for you.

Are you ready to commit to improve your health and fitness levels?

Are you ready to go past the barriers you believe to exist???

Are you ready to transform??????

If yes.

We are waiting for you..............


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