Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lean and Mean too!!!!

Those who know me well, are well aware of the fact that I prefer eating real food than gulping down protein shakes. Am not a body builder am an old school martial artist. Never heard of a martial artist from Okinawa or a Shaolin monk or a Samurai or a Viking drinking protein shakes. Yet they are all formidable forces to reckon with . 

Being a trainer changes things a bit and I need to know about different dietary or eating choices, supplements etc. I dont experiment on my clients and students. I test things on myself over long periods of time and then implement it on the clients after it is tested and proven. Have been born and brought up as a non vegetarian, did try being a vegetarian for over 3 years, was on only raw foods for over a year, have tried Paleo, am vegan now. These different stages made me understand the food and nutrition needs for each kind of dietary choice, by actually experiencing it and not just reading books on nutrition.

I came across a protein shake made from Pea's, which uses stevia, no emulsifiers, no preservatives, 25gms protein in each scoop and 4200mg of BCAA's. It was soy free as well as free from the cancer causing Whey. I was intrigued. I opened the company website and read up a bit about the company. I also noticed that most people who had given their feedback or the ambassadors of the company were all runners, cyclists or triathletes. Did not find other sportsmen or martial artists on it. I ordered one for myself to try it out.

On 21st  March 2016 I received the bottle. I started using it from that day itself. Today after 18 days of using it here is what I have to say about the product - 

It is a wonderful protein shake. It does not matter if you are a vegan or not. If you are getting 25gms of pure protein without anything harmful in it, then you should go for it. I did not increase or decrease my workout during these days, but I can still feel the difference in muscle mass. It is light on the stomach, not heat or phlegm causing ( often people complain of these symptoms ) , easy on the digestive tract. I think it is a wonderful product. 

The bottle has a big sticker on the lid stating that it needs to be blended as it does not have emulsifiers. Now that is actually nice because you can add a few fruits or dry fruits or seeds and make it a yummy smoothie. However many of my online training clients are traveling regularly and where would they go about looking for a blender in a hotel. Well I have one client who just carries the scoops of supplement in different zip lock pouches and asks a fresh juice seller to add the powder in the blender when he makes the juice. Seems like a good idea. However I did test just adding a scoop of Lean to a bottle with 400ml of water and shaking it by hand. It did mix pretty well. Though once you get used to drinking the yummy fruit smoothies this may seem a bit odd.

To sum it up, I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to train and is looking for that extra bit of nutrition. Will surely be recommending it to my clients and students. 

Really glad that I came across Unived's Lean Protein. A hearty congratulations to Mr. Amit Mehta for making such a wonderful product. Am all for supporting Indian companies. It is always Wildcraft for camping gear, Montra is the cycle I use to go anywhere and Lean is the protein shake that has my vote. 

I just realized that I need to order another bottle.......
Got to go until next time......

                                               Train Till You Drop..............

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