Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The lies that influence our eating habits and kill our planet.

Before we get in to this post let me start by stating that I, myself had been carried away by all the lies that are so beautifully orchestrated to attack our emotions and sentiments. However I always had my doubts. One day I came across a video of Lierre Keith and her research. This lead me to do further research and look up other studies. In this post I shall mention information shared by Lierre Kieth and also some data that I found from other research and studies. I still am against factory farming of animals and the caged environment they are kept in. Am totally against zoo's and I feel humans inside the zoo's and animals outside would benefit the planet more than the way it is at the moment.

Lets get to the facts now.

Man was never meant to eat grains, cereals, legumes, pulses etc. Yes we were never meant to. Even when we were hunters and gatherers we would very rarely get any grains from foraging the jungles as grains are mono crops and have weak roots so they would not flourish in abundance in the wild. Centuries back the Kings etc would collect tax in the form of animals. However they realized that they had to keep feeding their cattle and if the cattle fell ill or died they became poor. So they cleverly shifted to collecting tax in the form of grain. As grains can be stored longer and does not need recurring expenses like it does to feed cattle. This significant change brought about our first steps of dependency on grains. Then in the recent years agrarian and fertilizer giant Monsanto and others started spreading information that if we feed our cattle grains like the straw of rice, wheat or even corn we will get more yield and so on. This was just to increase their sales and make us even more dependent on grains. Cattle are not meant to eat grains too. One research stated that grains affects the digestive tract of cattle over a period of years. 

When do we burp or get gas? Usually when we eat something that we can not digest or we overeat we get gas. So when the so called - save the planet or save the animal organizations talk of excessive methane gas emitted by domesticated cattle we need to ask what are we feeding them but instead for their profit and monetary gains they make us ask - Lets stop eating them. There are more wild bovines, herbivores and cattle in forests,  jungles and the grasslands of Africa and all over the world than we have in the factory farming of animals. So if the animals in the wild are not emitting similar methane levels then what is causing the domesticated ones to do so?  The answer is simple we are feeding them grains while the ones in the wild eat grass. It is simple math - first they make us eat grains, then they make domesticated cattle eat grains and now they have reached stagnation in consumption so they spread falsehood about the planet dying because of eating meat and harmful health affects so more people eat grains and they earn more.

First of all there is nothing called Vegan. It is a term made up by those who wish to earn money by fooling people with propaganda and emotions. You are either a vegetarian or a non vegetarian. A vegetarian is one who eats and thrives only on vegetation hence if you eat or drink milk, milk products, honey etc or use leather, silk etc you are not a vegetarian. This itself shows we never needed the term called Vegan to begin with.

However again a lie was pasted on our eyes and we were told milk is good for our bones and so on. Well India is among one of the largest producers and consumers of milk. We consume milk and milk products in numerous forms like in tea, butter, curd or yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, lassi, ghee, paneer, Indian sweets and lots more yet most Indians after 40 are put on calcium supplements by doctors. Why? Where is the calcium going if milk was actually giving us Calcium? In reality calcium in milk from another animal besides human source can not be absorbed by our body. Moreover it also drains our body of vitamin D. Even if you have a super sedentary life and travel in an  air conditioned car just a few minutes of direct or indirect exposure to the sun will get us enough vitamin D. Living in an equatorial country it is virtually impossible to be vitamin D deficient, unless you live in a dungeon. So milk drains us of vitamin D and calcium too. What do companies do to hide this? They fortify milk and milk drink powders like Milo, Bournvita etc with added vitamin D but they don't accept the truth. 85% of the protein in milk comes from casein. Casein is one the most carcinogenic substances in the world. When anyone is diagnosed with cancer the first thing doctors ask is to go off all dairy products. So when they know this why don't they tell us to stop dairy products before itself. Why are we taught that milk is good for health? Well in case you have not figured out why let me spell it out  M - O - N - E Y. It is not a coincidence that countries that consume more milk have a higher incidence of cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis etc, while those that don't have a significantly lower ratio of these ailments.
Yes our ancestors did consume milk but not as often and not as much as we do today. They never went about artificially impregnating cattle to keep yielding milk. They would collect milk when the cattle gave birth naturally and only till the calf naturally drank milk from the mother. So they may be getting milk for say 3 months in a year. This is exactly why we started storing milk by making it in to butter, cheese etc. But the proportion in which we consume it today is far out of reach of our bodies abilities to neutralize any harmful effects from it. 

Coming back to farming. Those who like to seem holier than thou by saying they eat only vegetables and don't kill animals are living in  a mirage. To grow crops we need to clear forests and jungles. We virtually kill all the animals, birds, reptiles and insects on that land. Many have gone extinct thanks to us taking over their habitat. Then we pollute the soil with nitrogen rich fertilizers, thereby killing every micro organism and useful bacteria in the soil way beyond 30 feet in depth. So to grow vegetables we literally kill the whole ecosystem. Now when we grow grains  which are mono crops ( plants that give one crop and die or are useless after that) we cause washing away of the top soil. One year of agriculture causes washing away of about 2000 years of top soil. Can you even imagine the magnitude of harm agriculture is causing this planet??????????

As Lierre Kieth explains if we take an acre of land for agriculture we ruin the whole ecosystem, wash away the top soil, pollute and kill the soil with chemicals and we get a crop just once from growing grain. Now on the same acre of land, if we let the natural vegetation or forest cover remain, we plant fruit trees, we plant vegetables ( vegetables are not mono crops and they spread naturally), we let cattle graze on the land - so in a year we have managed to maintain the ecosystem, lots of birds, reptiles and wild animals thrive, we increase the level of top soil, a wide variety of plants growing ensures natural replenishment of all the nutrients in the soil, we get vegetables and fruits to eat, if we wish we can eat the animals too, we allow nature to thrive and grow. 

So by conventional farming we kill the planet and by forest farming we give nature a good chance to get back up.

Often the truth is just too difficult to digest not because it doesn't make sense but because it breaks all that we have grown up believing, because it questions our reality our existence, because it makes us feel fooled and manipulated.

I can go on and on about all this, may end up becoming a book or a series of books. However everything just can not be squeezed in to a small article. 

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