My name is Farzaan Merchant. I started my journey in the wonderful world of Martial arts at the tender age of  4 years. Back then I believed that it was coincidence that I met my first instructor when had gone out for dinner with my parents and the next day I had joined his dojo. Today after years of training in martial arts I believe it was no coincidence but the calling of my  SOUL

The years passed and my passion just kept growing immersing myself deeply into the training of martial arts. Over the last 27 years I have been blessed with numerous Sensei's (teachers). All have played a very vital part in my development not only as a martial artist but also as the human being I am today. I have my deepest respect and gratitude for all my sensei's and hence would like to offer my gratitude to all of them collectively as one rather than leave names. 

Training in martial arts also grew my interest into understanding different forms of exercise and alternative medicine forms. In this beautiful journey I trained in Weight Training, Sports Training, Acupressure, Basic Sports Injury remedies and many more. 

Having an exposure to numerous martial arts over the years am happy being a student of martial arts forever ready to learn and grow.

It was my involvement in providing / training bodyguards that got me working on developing the martial art of JUKAADO -  a combination of numerous martial arts with  Judo, Karate, Aikido and Muay Thai being the base for it. Making it a very good form of Unarmed Combat.

Even today not a day goes by without me training or trying to better the techniques in Jukaado. A day without training makes me feel just like a person who is severely ill. May be my body and soul just  needs the training daily. 

In my personal opinion there is no better experience than that of living the life of a martial artist. Everyone should try it. Even a few years of authentic martial art training will change a person for life. The way you view the world and all the chaos that surrounds us today changes after a few years of training in martial arts.
I believe in the BUSHIDO and try my best to live by the code. 

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